Make Me Pretty, Make Me Laugh – My book is done, 2017 update.

Hi All,

It’s been quite a little journey. I got this idea to write a book about my experiences doing makeup and then it late 2013 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, needless to say, it put a visible halt in my immediate future with having to get a lumpectomy, radiation and also pumped myself up with hormones in freezing my eggs (sorry, too much information, I know). Anyway, It was a trip that I don’t ever want to take again but since I usually like to look at the Silver-linings of things but in this case, it was more of a silver-uterine lining but I have to say, there were some positives. I finished my book! It’s called Make Me Pretty, Make Me Laugh. It’s a funny, how-to gift book about my makeup artist job with correlating makeup tips. Currently, submitting to publishers, agents and anyone who likes beauty. I also got married, became a step-mom and during all this stand-up took a back seat. As I get back on the horse, I realized I am coming from a different perspective. I want to help people become their most beautiful self. Ask me anything about beauty. If I don’t know it, I’ll find out for you.

Some other exciting news: I got married to the coolest guy on the planet, he’s snoring next to me, it’s heartwarming and annoying at the same time, I also became a step-mom. So, during the last three years, Stand-Up took a backseat because it’s no fun when you feel like shit. Cut to 2017. I feel like I have my strength back and as I get back on the horse I realized I am coming from a different perspective. I have a lot to say and I want to help people become their most beautiful self. Beauty doesn’t have to be about wearing tons of makeup or taking the perfect selfie. Or about never aging it’s about accentuating what you have and casting a subtle shadow on the things you don’t like and feeling like your prettiest self.  I’ll keep you updated but in the meantime, wish me luck, I would love and can’t wait to see this book become a reality.


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