Hollywood Improv Book Launch show 11/11/19 at 7:30

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Make Me Pretty, Make Me Laugh out 11/1/19! get your copy now!

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New Dates: July 11th Between The Sheets Podcast and July 12th Open Angst Comedy –

New dates coming soon!

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There’s No Place Like Home Comedy Show! 3/19 @ 8pm.

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Does this blush color hide my dissatisfaction with life?

Lately, I have been feeling a little low, maybe it’s the rain outside my window right now or the fact that I listened to an entire Richard Marx song, either way I feel a little out of sorts.

As a make-up artist you get to see all kinds of characters that come across your path. The other day a woman came in and you could tell she was pissed off. Like either she had just been fired, broken up with or her cat died… Even before she opened her mouth I knew and actually could smell that she was pissed.

I asked her if she needed any help and she said she was looking for a blush but that every one was either too light or too dark. Fuck, you’re one of those. I already knew where this is going.  I say, what color are you looking for? Pink, Peach, Bronz-ey, Purple? Cream or powder? Yes… honestly, these questions really do make a difference, we went on for this search for about 45 minutes of me and 45 minutes of me showing her every conceivable blush color there was in both cream and powder forms and I swear to god, I showed her 35 different colors and not surprisingly none of them were to her liking. The lightest pink was too dark  “no, I don’t like the peach that  one doesn’t look good with her nail polish!” Are you kidding me? Really, your nail polish? Ok, crazy I thought. I was getting internally frustrated but then I realized that this lady isn’t going to find the right blush…Because, it wasn’t about the blush at all, it was about her. She wasn’t ok in her eyes and no amount of anything cream or powder was going to hide that…You’ve heard that saying Everywhere you go, there you are… and there she was and very pale too.  A little blush would of really helped.


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Pretty and Funny

I am starting a blog about my day to day life as a comedian and being a make-up artist. There are so many hilarious things that I get to see and smell and some… not so hilarious. Hopefully, you will stay tuned because throughout my column, I am going to give you beauty tips that will help you along your shitty day with modern day wisdom that can help you with any situation and i am not talking about that guy from the Jersey Shore.  Just a preview, I got an e-mail the other day and my friend asked what is the best way to look younger longer and what products really work… and I told her.  Come on back in 2012 for tricks, trysts and some jokes. Wink Wink! and SWAK!

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My Views on Nancy Being Eliminated

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Nancy Grace Gets Eliminated!

Nancy Grace Freaks Out after elimination!

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