I’d rather be at Brunch.

Something I have been doing a lot lately is going to Brunch. In fact, more times than not, usually whatever else I am doing, I know for a fact I’d rather be at Brunch. It gives me the feeling of a subdued kind of sparkly because it’s so fancy and festive and yet so casual at the same time. You can wear sweats and a baseball hat or you can wear your best Sunday dress, it’s like anything goes because it’s Brunch. The mere idea of it puts an incredible ease in my mind especially if my week is going to be a hectic one and even if it’s not, it makes everything that isn’t going exactly perfect in my life seem a little bit better knowing that a waffle with fresh strawberries and whipped cream coupled with bottomless mimosas that can all be had up until about 4pm on a Sunday.

That’s why I am completely perplexed when other people don’t feel the same way I do about and was shocked  this past weekend when a friend showed up to our now infamous “Sunday Bloody Sunday Brunch” pissed off. I’ll admit it, I was really confused. I said,  ‘You know you’re at brunch, right?’  Seriously, How can you arrive at Brunch, pissed?  There is something so fundamentally wrong with that. My thought was, you don’t have to do anything today, you’re with your friends, you slept in, you’re wearing the same crap you had on last night and you’re getting bottomless mimosa’s buck up, Asshole!  My thought is, if you can’t muster up enough positivity when coming to a bottomless drinking event then you really shouldn’t come at all. Save your killjoy time for when your at home alone. Because there is nowhere I’d rather be. Cheers!

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